Cream of the Crop: BLOUIN ARTINFO UK’s Five Picks From the Catlin Guide 2013 for Emerging Artists

Pio Abad, Dazzler, 2012
(Courtesy the artist)

Keeping track of the new talents coming out of the UK’s art schools, from London to Dundee, can be a daunting task. But it has become much easier recently with the yearly publication of the Catlin Guide, which gathers 40 graduate and postgraduate artists in a small and beautifully crafted volume.

The product of Justin Hammond’s dedicated research and conversations with art tutors up and down the country, the Catlin Guide is a go-to resource which has gained significant critical credentials since its first edition in 2010. It is followed every May by an exhibition of 10 artists shortlisted from the guide, and a £5,000 cash prize awarded by a jury of art professionals.

The Catlin Guide 2013 will be launched at the London Art Fair next January. In an exclusive preview, ARTINFO UK has selected its five champions.

To see the artists selected by ARTINFO UK and read a short presentation of their work, scroll down or click on the slideshow.

The Catlin Guide 2013: New Artists in the UK is launched at the London Art Fair 2013, 16 - 20 January. It will also be available from Amazon, Culture Label and selected booksellers.


“The ways in which objects are co-opted and corrupted is a central concern in my practice. Through installations, photographs and prints, my work sets up juxtapositions that mine the absurd relationships between things and events, between the anecdotal and the allegorical. Objects are remade or re-presented in order to activate their metonymic relationship to individuals, histories and narratives. A huge part of 2013 will involve setting up Tele Nobela, a curatorial project based in both London and Manila with the aim of introducing text and object based art practices to the Philippines.”

Current and future projects

Zabludowicz Invites, Zabludowicz Collection, London, April 2013

Solo Show, Silverlens, Manila, Philippines, October 2013


“At the centre of my practice is a fascination with the uncanny, in particular the deeply embedded image-based language of mythic and dream spaces. Through drawings, sculptural installations and character-based performances, I focus on communal archeology, searching deep inside the physical body, un-layering the subconscious, looking through the remnants of past cultures, and sifting through the artifacts of dream. In 2013 I plan to develop an encyclopedic drawing and performance project, intertwining the rich layers of the mythology and history of London with fantastical characters and narratives.”

Current and future projects

Commission for Art Licks Magazine issue 10,published January 2013

London Art Fair 2013 with The Catlin Guide 2013,


“Sculptural in focus, my artwork refers to the everyday, material objects of our society, drawing on the specific set of cultural references and symbolic qualities imbued in the original object, rather than the object itself. My approach is a remaking of the ready-made, enabling the removal of any unproductive associations the ready-made equivalent may have, allowing for the addition of others through formal and material transformative decisions and juxtaposition. Importantly, the materiality of the remade object becomes an essential component in the transformation from the original and reveals uncanny relationships between seemingly disparate materials and things. A collaborative way of working has developed alongside my solo, studio-based practice and the potential within this way of working is something I wish to explore.”

Current and future projects

Zabludowicz Invites, Zabludowicz Collection, London, May 2013

Solo Show, Worcester Cathedral, Spring 2013

Joint Show (with Becky Whitmore), BayArt, Cardiff, Autumn 2013


“My practice elaborates on natural structures, pushing them to their limits through the intervention of technology. By concentrating on a very particular part of a natural object or process and introducing mechanical aggregates, a harmony between the two is established. My sculpture references the pioneering leaps in engineering made throughout the 20th century, while new ideas are linked closely to 21st century physics and new age technology. I’m aiming to establish a sculpture-focused complex in London, Pangaea Sculpture Central. This facility will encourage a community of contemporary sculptors and help support the next generation by offering artist studios, workshops and talks.”

Current and future projects

PLURAL, BreeseLittle, London, March 2013

Solo show, Tim Sheward Projects, June 2013


“I seek to destabilise chosen subjects by reassessing their potential as metaphors for much broader questions regarding human nature. By approaching these subjects from an artistic or literary perspective, I attempt to realign their place in the world and increase their potential for meaning. In 2013 I aim to work towards my first solo show and consider new platforms for my practice.”

Current and future projects

Residency, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University, September 2013

The Other European Travellers, touring exhibition, UK/abroad, January 2014